The question of fuel economy worries, probably, every city dweller who is used to dynamic driving, but does not want to overpay for fuel.
Someone solves this problem by converting their car to gas. however no longer anybody is obsessed on such conversion.
Metis with a claim: impressions and emotions from the hybrid Toyota RAV4

The question of fuel economy worries, probably, every city dweller who is used to dynamic driving but does not want to overpay for fuel.
Someone solves this problem by converting their car to gas. however, no longer anybody is obsessed with such conversion. Transfer to an electric car? As an option. best with a poorly advanced infrastructure of charging stations, the electric vehicle continues to be more exotic than a full-fledged vehicle.

his involvement within the legacy of the splendid tesla is given most effective by way of the blue border around the Toyota badge and a couple of nameplates on the back. In general, for those familiar with previous generations of RAV4, the new Rav (as well as the hybrid version) will seem larger than its predecessors. And no wonder: if the length and width of the second-generation RAV4 were 4200 and 1735 mm, then the RAV4 Hybrid was 4570 and 1845 mm. Grew up and clearance – from 180 to 197 mm. Therefore, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid looks already quite an adult car with a claim to off-road.
True, the cabin has grown dimensions not felt. what are we able to say about people who are taller and wider within the shoulders?

Metis with a claim impressions and emotions from the hybrid Toyota RAV4

Although the seat itself is that of the driver, that of the front passenger, comfortable. Separate plus for adjustable lumbar support.
Another nice detail is the location of the multimedia system and climate control panel. And the best of indoors trim can be argued. for instance, the front aspect of the dash is sheathed in leather, and the top is hard and not very high-quality plastic, which, in addition, bends. alternatively, the automobile does not goal at the top class, so it is hardly worth demanding from it too much. and in general, in case you do not locate fault with the little things, the interior leaves a good impression. There are no critical flaws.
The car starts with a button. True, the word “start” is not entirely appropriate. Pressing “Power” activates the main systems of the car, but the internal combustion engine starts to work only in motion and from the place of the RAV4 Hybrid the electric power plant shifts. it’s miles best essential to put the tools lever into d mode, barely press the gas pedal and the car starts to move almost silently. And only somewhere after 20 km / h you can hear how the main engine rumbles.
the auto isn’t always awful in motion, but there aren’t sufficient stars from the sky. This creates a strange feeling that the car seems to want to drive faster, but something is holding it back, which is why the reaction to spurting is far from what you expect. right here, of course, once more it’s worth repeating to yourself that this is an ordinary
city crossover and not a racing car. But when you remember that under the hood a 2.5-liter gasoline “heart” (together with electric motors the total power is 192 hp), you are involuntarily upset. Sport mode saves a little, but fuel consumption immediately increases. If you switch to ECO Mode or EV Mode (the second mode is the maximum possible use of the electric motor), the dynamics drop significantly.
For soundproofing RAV4 Hybrid you need to put a “plus”. When driving along far imperfect roads, the cabin is quiet, and even at speeds above 100 km / h, talking with a fellow traveler, you do not need to strain your vocal cords.

But the suspension settings are a little careworn. moreover, to mention that the automobile is difficult, the language does now not flip the language does not turn. But on the irregularities, the chassis behaves strangely: even small potholes and pits in-depth penetrate the suspension almost to the body. This is clearly from the crossover with all-wheel drive, almost 20-centimeter clearance, and 18-inch wheels.
Pleased with the flow. With a relatively frisky ride, it does not go beyond 8.2-8.3 l / 100 km. If you drive economically and leisurely – you can meet up to 8 l / 100 km.

The bottom line, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid left a good impression. Practical car with a sleek appearance and thoughtful ergonomics. gas consumption and behavior on the road are also the diverse blessings of this vehicle. however, right here the agility and extra effective operation of the suspension of the hybrid “Rav” is clearly not enough. Especially when you consider that the price tags will be significantly higher than the usual RAV4.