Privacy Policy

In Local Verticals S.L. we are aware of the importance of privacy and data protection of our users. For this reason, in Local Verticals we have carried out an analysis of the treatments carried out as well as the risks inherent in them to establish policies and measures aimed at protecting the personal information that we may collect from our users.

Data processing

The company responsible for the indicated treatments is Local Verticals S.L. whose rest of the identification and communication data you can find at the beginning of this privacy policy.

• Keep your user profile active on our platform, allowing you to interact and use the different tools that we put at your disposal as a registered user. Your profile will remain active as long as you do not take the corresponding unsubscribe.
• If you subscribe to any of our portals to automatically receive the news that we publish in them, your email address will be used to send you these news.
• If you participate by writing comments, your username will be published. We will not publish your email address in any case.

All your personal data is stored on servers located within the European Union and under specific security measures that aim to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of information.
In addition, the personal data we collect will be treated confidentially, applying the technical and organizational measures established in our internal security policy; We also inform you that a risk analysis and an impact assessment have been carried out to ensure that we protect the information of our users in order to prevent its improper access, manipulation or deletion.
The legal basis for all the processing indicated above is that of consent; we will keep the necessary information to prove that you granted the corresponding consents when you registered with us. You can withdraw consent at any time in your profile or by requesting the cancellation of your account.
We also inform you that you have the rights of access, rectification, opposition, deletion and limitation of the treatment of your personal data, and you can exercise them by writing to the address of the person in charge. We will keep your data as long as you keep your profile active; if you unsubscribe, we will proceed to delete your profile and keep your personal data for a period of time of 3 years to be able to respond to any responsibilities arising from the processing of your personal data.
All contributions (comments) you have made to our portals will be maintained but associated with an anonymous user called “Disabled User”.
On the other hand, we inform you that you can contact our Data Protection Delegate at the email

One account, all portals

When you register in any of these portals you can also log in to the rest of the portals with the same credentials without having to register individually in each of them.

Subscription to receive new items

From our portals it is possible to subscribe to receive in your email the new articles that we publish.
To verify that you are the owner of the email address you provided, we will send you a verification message so that you can activate the subscription.
At any time you can unsubscribe by following the instructions in each message we send you.
In no case will we assign or use your email address to send you our own commercial communications or those of third parties.

Unsubscribe as a user

You can request the cancellation as a user within the configuration of your profile.
When requesting the cancellation as a user, the following things will happen:
1st: Your account will be deactivated and you will not be able to recover it. You will not be able to access it or leave comments or vote.
2nd: If you have published messages these will be kept but associated with an anonymous user called “Disabled User”.
3º: The data provided in your registration will be kept for 3 years only to be able to respond to the possible responsibilities arising from the processing of these data. They will not be used for any other purpose. Once this period of time has elapsed, they will be deleted.
4th: Subscriptions to newsletters that you had active will be canceled.


In Local Verticals we use various cookies. You can find a detailed use of them in our cookies policy

Data processing of minors

Our services must be used by people over 13 years of age, so in the event that you are not this age you must refrain from using them.
If we detect a user profile under this age, it may be suspended or the user may be asked to prove their age to continue using the service.

Contact form

In our portals there are contact forms to be able to send us comments, suggestions or proposals. These forms request the minimum information essential to be able to meet these requests: your name and your email. These data that you provide us will be used only to respond to your request, being the basis of the processing of these data the legitimate interest existing between the person who writes to us and us.

Subscription to receive promotional offers

On special dates (for example on Black Fridays) it is possible that we carry out special campaigns or promotions, with the possibility of subscribing to receive in your email offers and promotions selected by the Engaged team.
If you subscribe you will receive, until you request the cancellation, these offers and promotions in your email address.
You can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in each of the emails we send you.
To send these messages we use the services of The Rocket Science Group LLC (Mailchimp)
In no case will we assign or use your email address to send you our own commercial communications or those of third parties.
You can exercise the rights indicated in this legal notice by email to the address
Last updated: September 18, 2020