Audi AI: Trail is some kind of high-profile application aimed at some potential audience. Hm …
The Frankfurt Motor Show showed us the Audi AI: Trail – the ultimate electric SUV.

Audi decided that a specific electric SUV for extreme outings was a timely answer to a question that someone had definitely asked.
. The manufacturer speaks of a 500-kilometer power reserve and 250 km specifically on the road. Of course, in such a car it is better not to move along public roads, bearing in thoughts the concept of ​​an unexpected preference to go into the woodland, cross a shallow river or ride on stones.

Audi AITrail 001

Returning home under such conditions will be difficult due to a discharged battery. That is why Audi’s electric SUV could exist as a niche offer for weekend pokatushki on severe off-road. Imagine how interesting it would be to compare this EV with the conventional Jeep Wrangler in difficult conditions?

In addition to the capacious Audi AI battery: Trail is equipped with four electric motors (one for each wheel) with a total capacity of 435 hp. and 1000 Nm of torque. Limited top speed of 130 km / h should not bother anyone – why should an SUV have more?

There are also smart devices: autopilot (only for driving on roads), flying drones-illuminators, which also know how to show the way, displaying a picture on the driver’s smartphone, portable flashlights with the ability to record video.

the corporation has now not but stated whatever about the serial launch of as a minimum something like an electric car. It is unlikely that we will soon see an off-road lunar rover on sale, but it will be great if Audi will realize at least part of its achievements