La Finale project reflects the farewell of the company with the iconic 8-liter turbocharged W16 Bugatti engine

With the current over-saturation of the automotive market, it is very difficult to surprise someone with a new model. Therefore, most automakers rely not only on the technical component but also on design, attracting the most talented specialists in the industry to projects.

Under the wing of Bugatti will be another gasoline Supercar

Bugatti supported the young designer Sercan Boudoir, who created a unique model for his graduation project called La Finale. it reflects the cutting-edge developments of agencies within the transition from vehicles from internal combustion engines to electric cars. After all, the time when fuel engines cease to exist is just around the corner.

La Finale reflects the company’s farewell idea with the iconic W16 Bugatti turbocharged 8-liter engine. However, for greater compactness and lightness, the designer replaced it with W12, but this idea did not lose its meaning since the engine is covered with a transparent hood cover on top for everyone to see.

All through the introduction of the concept, the clothier drew ideas from the Bugatti type 57SC Atalanta coupe. Despite this, La Finale turned out to be a very independent unit, in which the brand’s philosophy is traced, but there is a certain futuristic turn. In particular, he received a stylish two-tone body, a sports horseshoe-shaped grille, a pronounced splitter, rounded windows, floating taillights, an exhaust system with two tips, a massive diffuser, and custom-made Michelin tires.

Serkan Budur described his project as the farewell of the old era and the meeting of a new one.