The wheels of the four-door coupe seem familiar – they are borrowed from the Taycan. However, the Audi E-Tron GT and the electric Porsche combine not only this

It is no secret to anyone that the next Audi novelty is nothing more than an analogue of the Porsche Taycan sports sedan. This became known in 2018. a fresh batch of secret agent snapshots is every other proof of this.

audi e tron gt

the exception could be the same old door handles and facet mirrors. some minor changes may additionally have an effect on the front panel. Technically, the new “four-door coupe” will fit the Porsche Taycan. As for the price tag, the Audi version will be more affordable. although it is feasible that the first greater highly-priced adjustments will appear at the market.

it’s miles worth noting that within the repute of the concept, the Audi e-Tron GT was equipped with a twin-engine power plant with a capacity of 590 hp. acceleration to “loads” required 3.5 seconds A battery with a capacity of 90-kilowatt hours provided a range of 400 km through the WLTP cycle.

the optimum of the Audi e-Tron gt is scheduled for the cease of 2020, deliveries should begin in 2021. Competitors of the new items will be Jaguar XJ and Mercedes-Benz EQS