Volvo has taken another step to fight Tesla

Volovo intends to expand the number of showrooms in China for its Polestar subsidiary so that it can fully compete with Tesla. Today, Polestar 2 is the most direct competitor to Model S, but at the same time the brand has only one exhibition hall in the whole Celestial Empire. According to Volvo, this number should increase to 20 already in the third quarter of 2020.

Volvo has taken another step

Unlike traditional automakers, Polestar will not use dealer networks to sell its products, but will sell electric cars to customers directly, as Tesla, Nio and Xpeng do. using this sort of machine of direct touch with the patron, the automaker can manage the retail price of the car, as well as its production and stocks. However, this is also a more expensive method, because opening your own car dealerships is also quite a costly process

in china, the swedish logo will open its most up-to-date exhibition halls, first in shanghai, and then enter the coastal Ningbo, northern Tianjin and southern Guangzhou. these showrooms will specially be located inner purchasing facilities. Tesla currently has more than 50 showrooms in China, and Nio has around 110 today. meanwhile, xpeng plans to have more than two hundred stores via the quit of 2020, compared to about 150 now.