The manufacturer has not yet decided what will happen to the Kia Stinger liftback next. Electric car – a very realistic scenario

Very soon, the South Korean manufacturer will present an updated version of Stinger. It is expected that the liftback will get a different front part and a digitized interior.

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This replaces can be the primary and last inside the biography of an extravagant if liftback. Such a verdict promises meager sales of models that are not satisfied with Kia. At the stop of 2019, they decreased by 18%, and inside the first zone of the current year, they sank another 21%.

The first spring month was not at all pleased – Kia Stinger sales fell immediately by 40%. There is a possibility that the manufacturer decides to completely abandon the non-profit model. Moreover, the current situation due to the pandemic is forcing many automakers to save. KIA can change the concept of the stinger, making it an electric automobile.

that is the realization reached by means of pinnacle equipment. In an interview with British journalists, Kia chief stylist Karim Hubbib said that, in response to the growing popularity of electric cars, manufacturers should transform their model lines taking this factor into account. At the same time, the designer did not say anything specifically about Stinger. to make a very last choice, the agency has as a minimum three greater years before the end of the life cycle of the current model