The new generation BMW M5 can make a real revolution in the history of the brand – it will become completely electric.

However, the Germans did not dare to completely abandon the internal combustion engine in the “charged” version of the 5-series sedan. in line with rumors, the brand new era BMW M5 will be offered with a desire of a hybrid or all-electric power-plant.

bmw m5 is on the point of emerge as electric

The debut of the hybrid and electric car with the nameplate M is expected in the year 2024. A year earlier, the base sedan of the 5th series with the G60 index should appear. In the hybrid version of the future M5, the electric drive will work in tandem with the gasoline V8. At the exit, this power plant will have to give out 750 horsepower

however, consistent with rumors, there could be a fully electric powered version of the sedan.It will install a 135-kilowatt battery of pack-type batteries, as well as three electric motors. One of them is located in front, and two – in the back. At the exit, they will have to give out 1,006 horsepower

Also, the task of BMW designers includes the requirement to provide acceleration dynamics to hundreds in less than 2.9 seconds. Such not-too-ambitious figures are associated with the choice of pack batteries, rather than finger batteries. According to rumors, BMW admit a mistake, but the project has already been worked out too much to refuse.