Such a fate will affect those markets where they plan to allow the sale of only electric cars and prohibit cars with ICE

A new era of electric cars has revealed the weaknesses of some automakers.
the number of organizations has long used structures designed for electric-powered cars, construct and expand charging networks. In some countries, the owners of “green” cars laid benefits. But despite all these advantages, there is one significant minus – too high prices for electric cars. Volkswagen, on the contrary, decided to create a line of affordable electric vehicles.

Volkswagen golf

The manufacturer believes that such cars will be in demand inside the markets of those countries whose governments will soon ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines. More precisely, we are talking about the markets of European countries, which continue to regularly tighten standards for harmful emissions.

Volkswagen head of marketing and sales Jürgen Stackmann believes that the legendary Golf, Polo, Passat will be the first to leave such markets. It should be noted that in the history of the Golf brand plays almost a key role.

Volkswagen decided to dwell on the hybrid modifications of the Golf, Polo, and Passat. this selection became made now not through hazard – the manufacturer does now not want to select customers from the new ID-family. Despite all this, Jürgen Stackmann noted that before many markets close for ICE vehicles, they will have time to present the Golf of a new, ninth generation. Together with him, the manufacturer intends to show a new ID.3.