Electric car Lotus Evija – a symbol of the revival of the brand and, in combination, the most powerful production car in the world

Modern history is merciless to automakers who are losing their development vector and are losing ground to competitors. geared up to argue for anything – you almost forgot approximately lotus. Let, remember, there was a worthy occasion.

While we were looking at the images of the new Ferrari and Aston Martin, Lotus enlisted the support of the Chinese Geely, which now holds a 51% stake in the British automaker. Chinese language cash opens up new potentialities for the improvement of the lineup.

Lotus’s production site is even being erected in this Middle Kingdom because Gili has very big plans for fresh acquisitions – gasoline, electric, and hybrid.

But today’s hero – Lotus Evija – will be produced at a modernized plant in Hotel (Norfolk County, England). Manually. In the amount of only 130 copies. Super exclusive!

to start with, this excessive-tech electric vehicle turned out to be the maximum powerful production car in history. All-wheel drive hyper-car (one electric motor per wheel) produces 2000 hp and spends less than 3 s on acceleration to 100 km / h. the most speed is 340 km / h, and it takes approximately 9 to reach 300 km / h.

A not too large 70 kWh battery provides, according to WLTP, 400 km of run. In reality, the figure will approach 250-300 km, but not too impressive the battery pack can be explained by the low weight of the hyper-car – only 1680 km.

It is possible to charge up to 80% with a 350 kW station in 12 minutes, up to 100% in 18 minutes. the brand new electric-powered vehicle is prepared to accept 800 kw, so the chance of more powerful charging stations is obvious.

The carbon monocoque weighs 129 kg. As you understand, carbon fiber is used in the construction quite widely. Pay attention to the spectacular design of the car. Of course, aerodynamics rules the ball. Pokorski flashing the body, getting into the holes behind the doors, breaking out through the taillights, which are unusually looped into a kind of trapezoid.

The interior looks appropriate – stylish and technological. there’s also loads of carbon fiber but at the request of a specific customer, all this can be covered with leather and wood.
the indoors and exterior mirrors have been replaced via cameras, the photograph is displayed on three screens in the cabin, located on the ceiling and in the door cards