Volkswagen will bring to Frankfurt an electric version of the classic Beetle

Despite the disappearance of the Beetle name from the Volkswagen lineup, the legendary model is not forgotten. Volkswagen has prepared an e-Beetle for the Frankfurt Motor Show – an electric version of the classic Beetle in the back of a convertible

Volkswagen e-Beetle was developed by Volkswagen Group Components with the participation of German company Murschel Electric Cars. The power plant of the model is borrowed from a compact electric car Volkswagen e-up.

The e-Beetle Convertible is equipped with a 36.8 kWh traction battery, and its electric motor produces 82 hp. and 210 Nm. the electrical vehicle quickens to eighty km / h in eight seconds, and to50 km / h in 4 seconds. The maximum speed is 150 km / h.

The range of the Volkswagen e-Beetle is a modest 200 km, while the range of 150 km is replenished in just one hour.