The Mercedes EQV 2020 is the new electric minivan that runs the risk of becoming a bestseller. I wonder how soon rivals will orient

At the Geneva International Auto Show, the Mercedes EQV was introduced as a prototype electric minivan. In September, the production version will debut in Frankfurt, but you and I already know everything about it and can even consider the photo.

Each person favored the new Mercedes electric automobile. Agree, it looks spectacular. The company calls him the first electric premium minivan, and we do not know anyone who would be willing to argue with this.

The front axle is powered by a 201-horsepower electric motor, and a battery of 90 kWh is responsible for the 400-kilometer power reserve the main purpose is to transport a large number of passengers comfortably and in an Eco-friendly style. therefore, up to 8 human beings can be accommodated inside the cabin.

Well, progressive corporate parks and, for example, modern hotels will be delighted, because such a car will be useful for them as a shuttle for their guests and customers. Details of prices we learn closer to the premiere. Stay tuned for a short time!