The first electric car Toyota was a 2.5-meter car
Toyota has big plans for electrifying the model range, but its first EV (if you do not take into account the small-scale Toyota iQ EV and Toyota RAV4 EV) was not a crossover or sedan for the global market, as you might expect, but a local ultra-compact model (it even less Smart!) under the so-referred to as Toyota extremely compact Bev

This car is aimed at Japanese people who need daily short trips – first of all, students, senior citizens, and novice drivers. The electric car has a length of only 2.5 meters, can accommodate two people, is able to accelerate to 60 km / h, and triumph over on one price up to100 km. It also has an extremely small turning radius, which is an undeniable advantage in a metropolis

At the same time, there are two versions of the miniature electric car: one is for personal use, the other is for business purposes (in the photo – white and black, respectively). The latter received the so-called customizable interior (three configuration modes are provided – trip, office, rest), which offers such amenities as a folding table for the tablet.