Porsche 911 received a sequence of improvements to the new model year. Most of the innovations concern the 450-horsepower coupe and convertible Carrera S in versions with rear and all-wheel drive. In addition to the eight-speed robot, seven-speed mechanics are now available for such sports cars for the same price. The news should please fan of three-pedal cars, although with a “handle” the acceleration time to a hundred increased from 3.5 to 4.2 seconds. All compartments are now equipped with lightweight glass, providing improved sound insulation.

Also, the “Carrera” is available in leather package retro stile, which debuted recently on the Porsche 911 the S Turbo. All robotic drive-train modifications have benefited from the introduction of InnoDrive, which uses navigation data to optimize adaptive cruise control. Finally, absolutely all versions of the Porsche 911 have learned to automatically raise the front axle by 4 centimeters and remember route points where necessary.