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Opel insignia – the maximum low in cost vehicle in its class

The flagship of the Opel brand impresses with its stylish sporty appearance, the comfort of a premium car, modern technology, and the economy. As a result of evaluations of a number of independent organizations, the new Opel Insignia has become the most economical vehicle in terms of cost of ownership in its class.
Owners get a lower total cost of ownership for Insignia than comparable competitors in the high-volume engine segment and among premium cars. This makes the Insignia Grand Sport and Sports Tourer particularly attractive to both private and corporate clients.
But many other factors also ensure that the Opel flagship payback level is higher than that of competitors in its segment: thanks to cutting-edge production methods and high-quality materials, Insignia achieves a brilliant level of first-class, which is important for an extended life cycle with a stable residual value.

opel insignia - the maximum low in cost vehicle in its class

In addition, smart engineering, efficient engine systems, innovative technologies, and assistance systems make management safer. All this leads to favorable insurance ratings, low maintenance, and repair costs, as well as lower fuel costs.

Insignia pays off quickly with both diesel and gasoline turbocharged engines

The total cost of maintaining a car is calculated based on the costs of maintenance, insurance, fuel consumption (official fuel consumption of New European Driving Cycle NEDC in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 715/2007 and Regulation (EC) No 692/2008 in applicable versions) and taxes, as well as the expected depreciation after three years and 90,000 kilometers (for diesel versions) or five years and 100,000 kilometers (with gasoline engines).

The basis for this is the data provided by the independent organization Audatex Cost of-Ownership Solutions in the fall of 2017, as well as the current GDV insurance classifications at https://motoramaze.com/ The fuel prices used in the calculation were obtained on the website https://motoramaze.com/ (October 2017: gasoline – 1.344 euros per liter, diesel – 1.188 euros per liter), published in the Autokauf column in Auto Moto & Sport magazine in the fall 2017 year. Residual values ​​are based on forecasts by Bähr & Fess Forecasts.
In this way, the new Opel Insignia offers an attractive, comprehensive set of benefits that have been appreciated by both customers and experts. Despite the fact that the youngest generation of Opel Insignia conquered the roads of Europe for only a few months, the model managed to receive a number of awards: