Today, manufacturers are forced to reduce meaningless costs and even abandon some models. Got an electric car Mercedes

It seems that the future of our transport is predetermined. We kind of move into the world of huge batteries, sockets, and endless wires. But Mercedes to the last showed us an alternative way.

The Mercedes GLC F-Cell crossover is a hydrogen-electric car that timely fits into a new wave of studies inside the application of the most promising gasoline within the world of green vehicles.

moreover, similar to putting in a conventional gasoline mobile and a hydrogen tank, the company decided to go further. The electric car Mercedes-Benz GLC equipped with an enlarged battery pack with a capacity of thirteen.5 kwh, to allow the proprietor to refill power through the usage of an external electric network.

Thus, the GLC F-Cell turned out to be a hydrogen plug-in hybrid, if at all possible. Technological know-how turned out to be so expensive and difficult to manufacture that the company decided to end this venture.

For this reason, hydrogen Mercedes was available on a long-term lease (mainly in Germany), but they decided to curtail this program. possibly within the destiny, the German manufacturer will return to the improvement of such vehicles. certainly, a few corporations are showing more and more interest in this location.