an electric town car ought to now not be lengthy-variety, however, it should be quite. Therefore, the novelty was made in the style of the old BMW

Electric cars seem to be becoming more popular, but buyers are not yet in a hurry to massively abandon ICE. for many, the cost is a constraining factor. But 12,000 euros is a completely different matter

Micro-Mobility from Switzerland planned to introduce a compact electric car at the (now canceled) Geneva Motor Show. cruising range micro line 2.0 is 2 hundred km.Not bad for a city car. Definitely, in order to offer an interesting price, the manufacturer had to sacrifice something

Therefore, Microlino 2.0 has only one door but this decision is not only because of financial savings You probably already noticed the resemblance to the BMW Isetta, which turned 65 years old.

The tiny German car inspired the Micro-Mobility Microlino 2.0. It is even surprising how a similar successor to the famous car did not appear before.