The development of hybrids based on a rotary engine in Mazda has been announced more than once – and now they have come up with yet another system. It was patented in Japan. Electric motors are built into the front wheels, which are powered either by capacitors or by a 3.5 kilowatt-hour battery. healing is used for the rate, and the sort of dual machine gets rid of the need the need to install luxurious and heavy blocks of large batteries.

The rear axle is rotated by the internal combustion engine and the electric motor, and by default the car is exactly rear-wheel drive – the front wheels are connected, for example, when additional dynamics are needed. it isn’t always but known whether this scheme will be carried out in exercise. A little earlier, there was a rumor that Mazda was also going to use a rotary motor to increase the range of the electric crossover MX-30.