Now crossovers and SUVs are in the model range of almost all car brands, including premium and luxury. Although I would say about fifteen years ago about the serial crossover from Porsche, Bentley or Lamborghini, I would not only not be believed, but would be laughed at. Now it is an absolute reality.

But there are companies that experimented with such machines long before the SUV boomed. and the Italian enterprise corporate in this … the US military. Because the forerunner of the serial Lamborghini LM002 was the Cheetah concept (1977), it built a huge order for the manufacture of a batch of such machines in the future. The prototype was like a big buggy that could take on board four soldiers in full gear. As a result, Lamborghini Cheetah never reached the potential customer.

Lamborghini LM001

Despite this, as well as financial difficulties, the Italians decided to try their luck a second time and modified the model, creating the Lamborghini LM001 in 1981. LM001 was already more like a car, but layout problems still remained. as a end result, while it came to serial production, and it happened very quickly,in 1986, the concept was changed.

the engine was no longer only moved ahead, under the hood, however additionally replaced with a V12 from the Lamborghini Countach. With a volume of 5.2 liters, it gave out 450 hp, which endowed it with good dynamics. And in order not to drive from refueling to refueling, the SUV was equipped with huge fuel tanks, whose volume ranged from 170 to 290 liters. Retaining impressive size wheels shod with custom-made Pirelli tires, the LM001 could easily cross-country, making it popular in the Middle East. And now the exclusiveness of the Lamborghini LM002 lies also in its collectible value, because after 7 years of production only 301 cars were produced.

Therefore, to find in our time LM002 in good condition is a great success! One of these items is proudly presented by the English restoration company Bell Sport & Classic. It states that the condition of this instance at number 40 after recovery is even better than the factory!

The car was purchased by its current owner in 2003 and was used for six years, and then was deposited with a meager mileage of fewer than 22 thousand kilometers. This instance came to Bell Sport & Classic a year ago after an unsuccessful restoration attempt. And all hope was on the chief technician of the company Attilio Romano. A former Ferrari plant technician, Attilio has over 40 years of experience in restoration, being a leading technician at HR Owen and working on Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti models, including Veyron.
According to Attilio, the engine block was in place, but most of the attachments were removed. All dismantled components were delivered in boxes; Therefore, some of the components for restoration work, such as a water pump, had to be made manually by special order. Many items required major repairs simply because of their age.
Attilio Romano had to make a puller of his own design to sort the for the interior, on the complete it’s miles in accurate circumstance, it most effective required a careful restoration. The company’s specialists recreated everything exactly in the form in which the Lamborghini LM002 had once left the assembly line.,
Tim Kearns, managing director of Bell Sport and Classic: “This painstaking project led to the creation of the best Lamborghini LM002, available for sale right now – perhaps even the best of the existing! And this was only possible thanks to the skill and dedication that we cultivate at Bell Sport and Classic. Attention to detail, technical excellence, quality, and authenticity – I am very proud of the work of our team. Whoever buys this LM002 will have not only a rare SUV but also an outstanding example of the right approach to the restoration of one of the legendary cars in the history of Lamborghini. ”