This could be another novelty from the Italian automaker, but unfortunately, this is just a render

Speaking about the automotive industry and the helicopter industry, we most often mean the development of a quadrocopter or a flying taxi. Designer Tomas Arregui answered this question. On his Instagram, he posted the renderings of a possible helicopter by an Italian sports car manufacturer called Folco. Translated – “Hawk”.

Despite the fact that the helicopter on renderings is made in the same style as all the cars of the brand, it does not look smooth. With many sharp corners and two rotors, Hawk is more like a science fiction movie transport than a Lamborghini product. On board the Hawk, nine people could easily be accommodated, including two pilots, and a small load. what the indoors of the helicopter looks like isn’t proven. in keeping with the designer, he is nevertheless below development.

If you are still interested in knowing what a Lamborghini helicopter could be, we suggest looking at the Peugeot Airbus H160 developed. Theoretically, it is similar in size to the alleged Hawk.