Hyundai goes to noticeably boom sales of electrical vehicles in Europe. the business enterprise plans to end up a frontrunner inside the ECU marketplace already in 2020.

this year, Hyundai plans to sell as a minimum of 80 thousand electric-powered cars in Europe. The plans are very ambitious because in 2019 they sold about half the number of electric vehicles of the Korean brand there.

Great expectations are placed on the Hyundai Kona Electric crossover – it should be the key electric model of the brand in the European market. the automobile is made in a famous format and has a decent power reserve- up to 415 km in the most realistic EPA cycle. to satisfy the demand for vehicles, its manufacturing became released inside the Czech republic

In addition, sales of the updated Hyundai Ioniq Electric with an increased range are expected, as well as Hyundai Nexo with hydrogen fuel cells