Bentley Bentayga Speed

This car no less – the fastest serial crossover in the world. When you press the “gas” pedal and the back of your head is imprinted in the headrest, you really blow the “roof”, and for a long time! The dynamic qualities of the “Briton” are simply amazing. Still, the charisma of the Bentayga Speed ​​is not in speed. Or, to be more precise, not only in it.


Steeper than Speed, there are no modifications to the Bentley Bentayga. Of course, there are options from the Mulliner court atelier, the price of which is limited only by the customer’s imagination, but the Speed ​​version can be modified in the same way. Moreover, Mulliner also had a hand in decorating the interior of this car.

The main difference from other Bentayga is the most powerful motor in the lineup. Its 12-cylinder 6-liter turbo unit develops an astounding 635 hp. and 900 Nm. This “fiery heart”, like a sling, launches a heavy 2.5-ton car with such ease that it exchanges the first “hundred” in just 3.9 s. The speedometer needle runs only at 306 km / h. No one can be faster among serial crossovers yet. Even the “rabid” soplatform Lamborghini Urus develops 1 km / h less.

Of the other changes to the “speed” modification, it should be noted that the suspension is clamped harder than the usual suspension and heavier steering force in the “sport” mode. These settings are achieved exclusively through software that makes the steering wheel heavier, toughens shock absorbers and active stabilizers (basic equipment), as well as changes the parameters of driving electronics. In the “standard” mode, referred to only as Bentley, as well as in “comfort” settings are exactly the same as other modifications.

The appearance is ennobled by darkened headlights, black grilles and air intakes, carbon elements on the bumpers and sills, a four-barrel exhaust and a rather large spoiler on the fifth door. The hinged elements can be painted in body color or left, so to speak, in kind. Not without a couple of Speed ​​logos on the front doors. And, of course, one cannot fail to say about the 22-inch wheels specially highlighted for this version. True, my test copy is “shod” in winter tires with “rollers” an inch less.


The Speed ​​salon is already in the “base” equipped with a package of exclusive Mulliner Driving options, including sports pedals, a diamond-shaped stitching of seats, as well as an expanded palette of skin colors and rugs. Additionally, Speed ​​emblems can be ordered on the backs of the seats and front panel. In addition, a combination of leather with Alcantara is offered specifically for this version (by the way, for the first time on Bentayga). The central parts of the seat cushions and seatbacks, the steering wheel, the automatic gear selector, the popliteal rollers, the upper parts of the body pillars and the ceiling are lined with artificial suede.

Apparently, it is thanks to this finish that the interior literally envelops. Or is it the smooth lines of the front panel that way? Or maybe the smell of expensive skin is to blame? However, probably this “safe” sound when closing the door announced that I was isolated from the “that” world and ended up in a universe of luxury, where aesthetic pleasure is combined with physical pleasure arising from touching elements of the interior and pressing different buttons, each of which it is recessed with carefully calibrated effort.

Sitting on Alcantara is much nicer than sitting on the skin (and heated ventilation work more efficiently). The magnificent profile of the seat is combined with excellent fit geometry, and I find myself thinking that it’s more convenient than in a home armchair. And what ergonomics? Honestly, I didn’t think about it during the test, because I felt like I had been driving this car all my life.

The second row in the Bentayga can be made in the form of a sofa (as I have now) or two separate armchairs with electric adjustments. But in this case, it is noticeable that the third-average is superfluous here. It is much better to send it home, spread out the wide middle armrest with cup holders, put champagne glasses in them, recline the back (though with a mechanical drive), turn on the light air breeze using a removable remote control of the separate climate system and command the driver to handle the pedal more accurately “Gas” but in the corners did not “pile” …


One problem is that my colleague, who is clearly not trained in smooth driving, acts as a personal chauffeur. Stop, that won’t work. Although the back row is good, the driver’s seat attracts me more. True, to get a colleague behind the wheel was far from immediately – I did not want to go out, “radish.” In general, in the end I took the reins in my hands. Well, quite another matter!

I drove faster cars than the Bentayga Speed. But, perhaps, never before has speed been gained with such ease. With such power and traction, the concepts of turbopause and quickness of an “automatic machine” lose all meaning, because the engine will “push through” both the turbo hole and the most “thoughtful” gearbox. Just press the accelerator pedal, and everything that you saw in front of you is somewhere behind. And this is in the “vegetable” mode “comfort”!

In the “sport” sensations are amplified by about half due to more acute reactions to pressing the accelerator pedal and “shooting” from the exhaust pipes when the “gas” is released. It is good that a colleague who was driving before this did not have time to figure out how to turn on the “sports” mode. Rear riders are a little annoyed by the exhaust sound. But what do I care about them?

Brakes are a separate issue. On the test copy is an optional carbon-ceramic with a disc dimension of 440 mm in front and 370 mm in the back. By the way, these are the largest carbon brakes in the world. Their grip is dead, although the pedal is configured in a civilian manner, without undue harshness. But even more than the engine and braking system, the driving performance of this heavy crossover with a high center of gravity is striking.

It’s no secret that the Bentley brand belongs to the Volkswagen concern , and therefore the Bentayga is built on the same chassis as the Audi Q7 , Volkswagen Touareg , Porsche Cayenne and Lamborghini Urus. And this is not a minus, but a plus because, in my opinion, the Audi Q7 has the best chassis in the class of large crossovers (the rest of the “relatives” are not so good in ride smoothness). So, the Bentayga Speed ​​is controlled almost like a Porsche Cayenne , but the comfort is not inferior to the Audi Q7. At least on winter 21-inch wheels and with carbon-ceramic brakes.

It would seem paradoxical, but I would advise you to install “ceramics” not for effective braking, but to improve ride smoothness. The fact is that such brakes significantly reduce unsprung masses, which affects comfort. For example, the test Bentayga Speed ​​is smooth on almost all types of bumps.

The comfort of this crossover is so enveloping that I, unlike my colleague, quickly drove it for very short time. Yes, I was struck by the acceleration dynamics, as well as the phenomenal “grip” and accuracy in the corners, but almost immediately slowed down. I tuned the magnificent Naim audio system to relaxing music and rolled slowly, enjoying the luxury. And I note one more point: thanks to the surgical accuracy of the reactions, the handling of the car is also a pleasure when driving slowly.

The price of the Bentayga Speed ​​starts at 18,486,000 rubles. Someone will say that they are asking for too much money for a prestigious brand. But I would pay. After all, what kind of Russian doesn’t like to drive fast, and if it is combined with amazing comfort, you get a truly breathtaking cocktail. All that’s left is to persuade my wife to sell the apartment, furniture, pram and sheepskin coat, and also take a loan for twenty years. Because there is clearly not enough money from sales, and since such cars are not purchased in the “base”, a normally packaged version will cost twenty-five lemons.