audi town electric powered automobile is a fantastic concept! in reality, the organization has lengthy walked around this kind of mission. Maybe it’s time?

It is no secret that a large modern automaker today can not do without an electric car in the lineup. And no need! Nevertheless, despite the fact that Audi has already acquired an e-Tron, Quattro. It’s time to offer the market something else.

The quickest way is to use present developments and % all of it in a new body. Covering the atmosphere with gloss. Actually, everyone in the Volkswagen Group is busy with this.

The new Audi AI: ME electric car is a converted VW ID or, for example, the SEAT el-Born. Which will also soon reach the assembly line. But Audi’s prototype is just a first approximation. It is abnormal because everything is ready for the production of such an automobile.

Nevertheless, here we have very bold decisions like wooden beams on the ceiling and living ivy, which is trying to squeeze between these very beams.

The company says that such an urban electric car, Audi, is expected to be operated at speeds within the range of 20-70 km / h, which does no longer require a powerful engine or a large battery. Its capacity, by the way, is 65 kWh, but we don’t know anything about the range.