The main show stopper of the Mitsubishi booth at the Geneva Motor Show was the conceptual crossover Engelberg Tourer.

The conceptual crossover from the Japanese manufacturer name Engelberg in honor of the famous ski resort in Switzerland. The auto demonstrates the course of improvement of layout and technical features. So that it will find its application in production Mitsubishi models shortly.

In particular, the car received a Twin Motor 4WD PHEV rechargeable hybrid powertrain. It consists of a 2.4-liter gasoline engine, a traction battery. And two electric motors that provide the car with permanent all-wheel drive.

According to the creators, Engelberg Tourer is able solely by electric traversing a distance of more than 70 km (according to the WLTP cycle). Similarly, with a charged battery and with a full tank of fuel, the car can overcome without stopping up to 700 km (WLTP).


The 0.33 technology lively yaw manage gadget is chargeable for the distribution of torque between the axles. It’s miles used in tandem with the super all-wheel control (s-awc). Also, along with them, the ABS and ASC systems are responsible for the behavior of the car on the road.

It is interesting that the “smart” navigation system when choosing the final destination. It not only uses weather data, topographic features of the route, traffic, and other parameters. But also offers the optimal driving mode, settings for the all-wheel-drive transmission, and battery energy distribution.

The car obtained an attractive and cutting-edge interior layout with a huge show of the infotainment system. Electronic instrument scale, stylish ambient lighting, as well as perforated leather trim. Man or woman seats are provided for the driver and passengers. Within the first and 2d rows, and the third row is a comfortable double sofa.