Heavy-duty pickups based on cars in Europe are almost unknown, although everything can change. And this is an instance of the unique paintings of the Hungarian layout studio X-Tomi Design.
Unusual pickups – utahs for the European market

In the USA, and then in Australia on the roads, heavy-duty pickups on passenger cars meringue became so widespread – the so-called yutes.

The Hungarian design studio X-Tomi Design, which often delights fans of various automotive brands. With its vision of one or another new model showed the Jutes in a European manner. The base for them was the latest luxury cars, not only cars but also crossovers. Just look at the pickup from the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Lamborghini Urus, Porsche Bentley Continental, Audi Q8, or BMW 8 Series. The kid of Mercedes-Benz A-class even got here.

Mercedes introduced a line of revolutionary unmanned cars

Who knows, maybe one of these pickups will go into the series, albeit in a different form. By the way, an example of the embodiment of such pickups from X-Tomi Design in metal is already there. This is a charged pickup truck Honda Type R, which was presented in a design studio in May 2017. And exactly a year later a living car saw the light.