The German carmaker has prepared its non-trivial vision
Mercedes introduced a line of revolutionary unmanned cars

More specifically, Mercedes-Benz presented a modular platform that can serve as the basis. For a number of cars that perform various tasks. It is really worth noting that it is an idea of providing a vector. The further development of urban transport.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic is a whole system that combines different cars that can work in cities. For the benefit of the economy, social needs, and high environmental standards.

Mercedes introduced a line of revolutionary unmanned cars

The company says that installing functional cells is as simple as possible and takes only a few minutes. It is noteworthy that the car that has just transported passengers can go to the courier service. Where it will be equipped with a cargo module and sent to deliver parcels.

An automobile can flow without a module in principle because the platform is the main component. Interestingly, Mercedes is talking about a whole system of interconnected transport. Which continuously monitors the situation in the city and sends cars to perform certain tasks in real-time.

Due to the lack of a driver’s cabin, the car received additional usable space that can be used for passengers or goods. The total length of the unmanned vehicle is more than five meters, and in cell modifications with a maximum capacity, the car has 12 seats or 10 cubic meters of usable cargo space.