The Peugeot Sport division, reoriented to the development of “charged” electric vehicles, will prepare a particularly powerful version of the next Peugeot 308. The second-generation hatchback survived restyling exactly three years ago, and a full generation change should take place at the end of next year. According to the British publication Auto-car, “three hundred and eighth” first among the Peugeot will receive an updated version of the EMP2 platform. In the lineup, in addition to gasoline and diesel modifications, there will be plug-in hybrids, and if in the “base” the electric motor is only on the front axle – to help the ice, then the “hot” model could be added another – on the rear wheels.

Of course, the production car cannot be compared with the 500-strong concept five years ago, but still its power will exceed 300 hp. Most likely, the engineers will use approximately the same power plant as the 508 Puegeot Sport Engineered lift-back.

The all-wheel drive model will also be released under the Puegeot Sport Engineered (PSE) sub-brand, and this will not be the “greenest” option – a modification without ICE is also planned, although until now the PSA Group has made only hybrids on the EMP2 architecture. In the 3RD generation Peugeot 308 family, a crossover can be a part of the hatchback and station wagon. It is assumed that it will be sold in parallel with the SUV 3008, which also now has a plug-in hybrid version.