In 2009, the German company released the SLR Stirling Moss model. Her appearance was inspired by the racing car 300 SLR

Once Mercedes has already released a unique modification of the SLR car – SLR Stirling Moss. The name speaks for itself – the car was named after the legendary racer Stirling Moss. The 300 SLR race car was used as a source of inspiration.

After the legend of car racing died at the age of 90, designer Costas Fufulides prepared a render of the new Mercedes-Benz model under the Stirling Moss brand. As a basis, he decided to take the company’s flagship sports car – AMG GT

The final concept, called the AMG GT Silver Echo, turned out to be much more aggressive than the SLR Stirling Moss. the front of the automobile become designed in order that air exceeded via large openings in the hood. Later, through the splitter, the same air should create more downforce.

Headlights and LED running lights are located as close to the edge of the body. Thus, the pilot receives an additional reference when cornering.
Including due to the LED strip, stretching across the trunk lid. Of course, no roof and windshield – only two small deflectors in front of the driver and passenger seats

Ensuring that the AMG GT Silver Echo sounds as good as it appears, exhaust fumes could be directed to the aspect exhaust pipes proper behind the exhaust pipes right behind the front wheels. And to send these gases will be a four-liter Twin-Turbo V8.