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Suzuki unexpectedly showed a copy of Toyota RAV4: photo Across 2021

The Suzuki Across crossover turned out to be a copy of the Toyota RAV4, and several of its variations at once. How is this possible? In any case, it turned out interesting
Look – this is the new Suzuki Across 2021 crossover. The Japanese manufacturer, more focused on SUVs, has got another SUV. but, this is a barely unique story, and without delay throughout can also appear very acquainted to you.
The thing is that the new product is a converted Toyota RAV4 crossover, which we all know so well. we are positive you instantly diagnosed the donor. But everything is official. Moreover, the company quite creatively approached the “plastic surgery”.
The feed went from RAV4 unchanged.

Suzuki unexpectedly showed a copy of Toyota RAV4 photo Across 2021

But the “face” is new: optics from Toyota Wildlander (Chinese brother RAV 4, lower in the gallery), and the bumper with air intakes turned out to be unique. how else to become aware of Suzuki throughout the outdoor?
First, the most expensive and powerful version will go to the market (most likely, by the end of 2020) – the Suzuki hybrid will offer a total return of 306 hp. and four-wheel drive. In fact, we are talking about Toyota RAV4 Prime – the top-end modification of the compact Toyota crossover. this automobile is able to accelerate to a hundred km / h in about 6 s, and the electric range is up to 75 km.

However, to a greater extent, this concerned very compact cars for emerging markets. Now it turned out that cooperation touched the new Toyota RAV 4. At the same time, according to preliminary information, the new Suzuki Across crossover is intended for European countries.