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Renault logan folks test force: reboot changed into a hit

More than sixty folks that came to check the diesel and gas variations of the updated Renault Logan, gave an interesting portrait of a potential user of this car. Now, when I meet such cars on the roads, I will involuntarily peer into the salon, expecting to see one of my new acquaintances, readers, who took part in the Renault Logan. Reboot 2.0.

Who is driving?

First of all, it should be noted that people who are interested in the new “Logan” are not casual, but knowledgeable: more than half of our national test pilots officially (in the questionnaire) admitted that the car for them is the main hobby in life. With rare exceptions, they all have cars, often with a higher class, such as the Skoda Octavia, Mercedes-Benz W124, VW Passat, Opel Vectra C, although this is not the first freshness.
Almost everyone with whom they spoke speaks that they consider the French novelty to be a replacement for his or her vintage lady – even though they’re aware of the loss in the car class. It turns out that the reliability and quality of the new car (in our case, Renault Logan) is more important for many of our compatriots than high comfort and a prestigious brand with the order of the used D-class model.
Most of the future log-in drivers are their people on the road: only a few people indicated in the graph of the annual run less than 20 thousand km, the rest run more, up to 50-100 thousand km.

renault logan folks test force: reboot changed into a hit

What they expected

In no case, do now not think that the average motorist becomes searching for something simple and cheap as possible in the person of Renault Logan. The current workhorse should have a fair amount of comfort, and not one of our readers has spoken out for the basic version of the French sedan. True, only a few participants were ready to pay for the top-end Expression equipment, and most of them noted a generous set of Authentique mid-range bells and whistles
Gasoline Logan was praised for its availability and the ability to deliver HBO, diesel for dynamics.
As for the general functionality, the modern user of a budget foreign car appreciates the spaciousness within the cabin, the extent of the trunk, and the ability to grow it due to the folding back of the rear seat. Having found all this in our cars, folk test pilots put them a high score for practicality. It seems that without exception, the testers spoke positively about the suspension of the car, praising it for its impressive ground clearance (175 mm), energy intensity, and comfortable overcoming bumps. These are really useful and even necessary qualities for a universal family car, in addition, to the conditions of domestic roads. There were no complaints about the handling: everyone recognized that the steering wheel, although without sports acuity, was accurate and light, like other controls.

Gasoline or diesel

We tested two cars – one with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine (73 hp, 105 Nm), and the second with a 1.5-liter diesel engine (84 hp, 200 Nm). The eternal dilemma about choosing a type of fuel these days has been exacerbated by using multiple heritage circumstances: a record growth inside the charge of gasoline and the widespread use of gas equipment.
From this point of view, the practical part of our testers preferred a gasoline power unit – for the reason that it can be understaffed with propane HBO, thereby reducing fuel costs by almost half. Although gas mileage with this engine is close to diesel.

Those who do not like gas fuel or at the expense of efficiency want to get the highest possible dynamics voted for the diesel – after all, 200 Newton meters of torque is a very significant figure for a machine weighing 1045 kg. However, no one called the frankly frail petrol engine, just a diesel, of course, more high-torque.


The fact that interest in the new Logan will be great has become clear even before the start of the Renault Logan. How quickly interest has grown into popularity is clear today.