Created in the image and likeness of the popular Japanese crossover, Chery Tiggo 3 quickly set off on his own, not only in technology and stuffing but also in design.
Automobiles below $ 15,000: Chery Tiggo 3

Created in the image and likeness of the popular Japanese crossover, Chery Tiggo 3 quickly set off on his own, not only in technology and stuffing but also in design.
Moreover, the metamorphoses that occur with the car over time can only be regarded positively. Look at him – he’s just handsome, there are no questions about the design of this crossover – he’s fine, well-built, there are no unnecessary details, the car looks modern, and I’m not even afraid of the word, it’s stylish. Naturally, for two years since the start of production, the car has not become outdated in any way, but Chery is trying to keep a good pace, so most recently Tiggo 3 survived facelift.
The updated car is easiest to recognize by the changed bumper – pay attention to the frame of the lower air intake. the impact is thrilling – it seems that there may be extra chrome, but the front of the Tiggo 3 has become more concise.

In technology, of course, nothing has changed – otherwise, it would not be a facelift. But for now, it’s not necessary – Chery Tiggo 3 has proved its readiness to meet with the awkward conditions of different roads. It has a sturdy suspension, clear controls, and a lively engine.
All cars offered in the dealer network of Sea Automotive LLC are equipped with 1.6-liter gasoline engines with a capacity of 126 hp, all have exclusively front-wheel drive, but you can play with the gearbox: a five-speed manual and Variator are offered for choice CVT The mechanics definitely give more opportunities to reveal the abilities of the motor – the maximum torque here is 160 Nm, so sometimes you have to spur cars with active shifts. CVT will save you from unnecessary manipulations with your right hand, but it will require small financial investments.

automobiles below $ 15,000: chery tiggo 3

However, even in the maximum equipment and with a Variator, this crossover still falls into the framework set by means of us – its charge is decrease than the higher bar by means of$ 100.
A car with equally rich equipment, but with a manual gearbox, costs $ 13,800 at all. And speaking of rich equipment, we are not exaggerating at all. Chery Tiggo 3 was already very well equipped, and with the advent of the FL prefix, it looks very good against other competitors.
Judge for yourself: 17th wheels, LED daytime running lights, LED turn signal mirrors, chrome door moldings, sunroof, combined saloon, leather steering wheel, cruise control, heated front seats, rear parking sensors, electric heated mirrors and, perhaps, the most important novelty of facelift is the 8-inch screen of the multimedia system.

the maximum configuration, all of this is the basic Tiggo 3 FL. And what’s nice – the above changes are not just embellishments, they are also functional: in rainy weather, the headlights of the updated Tiggo 3 illuminate the road better, and the dashboard is more satisfactory for the eyes, which means you may be extra comfortable on a long journey.
Thus, for a maximum of $ 14,900 you get a nice crossover. Yes, without any special design refinements (but to be honest, recently these on other models are already starting to bother), but modern and without undue enthusiasm for the East, with an adequate Variator, a high-torque motor, and suspension, which even keep the car perfectly on the road at high speed.

Someone may complain about the lack of all-wheel drive but first, think carefully about whether you need it in principle. The single-drive Tiggo 3 is content with 8 liters of fuel per 100 km, easily takes all city obstacles, and does not pass in front of rural roads.