Premium brands should not produce folk cars and the Mercedes-Benz X-Class pickup truck is a direct confirmation of this. What we are talking about today is unlikely to ever come true, but this did not stop the designer Adel Buras from dreaming up, as a result of which a real pickup from the Stuttgart Porsche, which the author named Traykan, appeared on paper. The consonance with the Taycan electric car is no accident here because it was he who was taken as the basis.

The philosophy of the concept of the all-terrain vehicle becomes especially evident when viewed from the side, thanks to the presence of off-road tires, reinforced wheel arches, side steps and increased ground clearance.

At the rear of the Traykan are slim taillights, a relatively small body, and dual tailpipes. Now, while the Porsche pickup sounds completely outlandish, with the ever-growing demand for electric crossovers and pickups, Traykan could find a lot of fans. The manufacturer already somehow took a chance by releasing a premium Cayenne crossover, which no one believed in. As a result, this car gave birth to a whole class of similar cars. truly, talking of a pickup truck, one question comes up – why no longer?