at the ces 2020 consumer electronics display in las vegas, the futuristic Mercedes-Benz imaginative and prescient AVTR electric concept debuted based on James Cameron’s Avatar movie.

The company Mercedes-Benz has demonstrated its vision of the perfect symbiosis of man, nature, and the car – Vision AVTR Concept. When developing the show car, the brand’s designers were inspired by the popular sci-fi movie Avatar by Canadian director and screenwriter James Cameron. The reference to the film is encrypted in the abbreviation AVTR – Advanced Vehicle Transformation (advanced vehicle transformation). According to the developers, like the people of Na’vi and their connection with the flying Banshee, Vision AVTR acts as a “living organism” that communicates with its users and allows them to feel the world around them

Vision AVTR

Vision AVTR is a fully autonomous four-door sports car with a streamlined teardrop-shaped body. At the rear, there are 33 movable aerodynamic flaps that can synchronously change their position. The show car rides on voluminous alloy wheels with luminous “spokes” resembling sprites. Another unusual feature is the pulsating back light in the front and rear of the body, which adjusts to the heartbeat of the driver
The interior of the concept resembles a Na’ vi house with leaf hammocks. the dashboard, seats, and ground of the show car are made from recycled substances and finished with Dinamca faux leather. Wooden elements of the interior – from recycled tree roots extracted in the Amazon rain-forest.

Equipped with a Vision AVTR electric power plant with a capacity of 470 hp. Mercedes-Benz emphasized that the 110-kilowatt electric car battery does not contain rare earth metals and works on the principles of organic chemistry. Estimated power reserve – about 435 km.