Honda introduced the new generation Acura TLX, which developers call. “The fastest and most sporty sedan in the history of the brand’s brand”.

Meet the new Acura TLX 2021: the fastest sedan in the history of the brand

Honda introduced the new generation Acura TLX, which developers call. “The fastest and most sporty sedan in the history of the brand’s brand”. Moreover, Outside, the new Acura TLX model of 2021 is notable for a strongly rearward-shifted cabin. Which made the proportions of the four-door more sporty, while simultaneously improving axle weight distribution. By default, the sedan is an array with 18-inch wheels instead of the previous 17-inch ones.

For the car, they immediately prepared an A-Spec sports package with 19-inch wheels, a larger spoiler on the trunk lid. Darkened lighting and stylish black decor in a circle, but it is available exclusively for the regular version of the sedan. While the Type S in the base has 20 Inch rollers, front splitter, and rear diffuser with four exhaust pipes. The interior of the Akura TLX 2021 sedan in the new body has become a little roomier, genuine leather. And wood veneers are actively used in the interior. The manufacturer did not chase the fashion and kept the analog tidy, although between its scales an 8.0-inch. The screen is located, and for a surcharge, a projection display can be ordered.

Meet the new Acura TLX 2021 the fastest sedan in the history of the brand

True Touchpad

The multimedia system flaunts a 10.2-inch monitor, while the Japanese offer to control its functionality. From a special touchpad “True Touchpad” on the central tunnel. It is divided into some sections and has a slightly incurved shape, allowing you to use it blindly.

Note that the Akura TLH became the first production model of the brand. With a new frontal airbag for the front passenger. Moreover, Honda developed the latter with Autoliv, and such an airbag has three vertical sections connected. By a soft jumper. An accident, the relevant section takes a move to the top, and the lateral ones envelop the victim’s body. Reducing the likelihood of him slipping to the side.

Acura TLX 2021 model

Acura TLX 2021 model year built on the basis of a completely new platform with a transverse engine. The main feature of the “trolley” is the front suspension with double wishbones. Instead of the usual MacPherson struts, with a multi-link rear. For a fee, adaptive shock absorbers can be ordered. The business enterprise reports that the song on the machine has been elevated. By way of 30 and 41 mm front and rear, respectively. In addition, the auto obtained steerage tools with a variable gear ratio and rakes with an electromechanical amplifier, i.e. Communication with the brake pedal is carried out only by wires (previously, such a solution was tested on the Acura NSX supercar).

The line of powertrains of the new Acura TLX 2021 has completely changed. From now on, atmospheric engines have completely disappeared from it. Moreover, At the base of the car relies on 2.0-liter “turbo-four” with direct injection from the Acura RDX crossover. On the sedan, it gives out 276 hp. (380 Nm). The more productive version of the Acura TLX Type S is the all-new 3.0-liter “ rapid six”, which has a twin-go. With the flow compressor, direct injection, and electronically manipulate the exhaust gas stress relief valve (Westgate). The enterprise does no longer advertises the performance of this motor. But it is probably in the region of 400 forces.