Alfa Romeo 4C – a cult coupe, which, at least in the near future, will definitely not have a second generation.

In 2013, fans of Italian sports cars rejoiced – Alfa Romeo introduced the 4C model. however, it is not worth hoping for a second generation of this car.

This is evidenced not only by the constantly falling sales of sports cars around the world. Due to the merger of the Italian-American concern FCA with the French concern PSA, such risky projects must have been put aside for a long time.

However, the lack of official information about the new 4C from Alfa Romeo itself can not stop fans from dreaming. For example, Toyota designer Jung Prescott is clearly a fan of this Italian coupe. and he determined to reveal his vision of the successor to 4c.

Given that here Prescott did not restrain anything, the design turned out to be very bold and bright. This translates into the dominance of large almost oval headlights in front of the car. However, there was a place here and a proprietary grille from Alfa Romeo.

On the side of the car, massive wings, huge air intakes, and a windshield in the shape of a helmet visor attract attention. The rear also attracts attention optics – three-dimensional round lights. The rear diffuser also turned out to be large-scale, and the exhaust pipes turned out to be built into it. Two small spoilers “sprouting” from the rear seats complete the picture.