Lamborghini Restores One of Four Exclusive 1973 Sports Cars

Many consider Miura not just the most beautiful Lamborghini, but the standard of automotive design.
One of these cars Lamborghini Polo Storico brought to the Paris exhibition Retromobile.. A sports car exhibited in Paris with chassis number 4860 was made in 1973 by order of the German driver Hubert Ghane, who at that time was an importer of Lamborghini in Germany.

Initially, the coupe was black, but in 1977 Khan repainted it in silver, keeping the interior in its original black and white. Until the early 2000s, the sports car remained in Germany, but then fell into a private Japanese collection and until now had not appeared anywhere.

The restoration of the sports car from archival photographs and notes was done by specialists of Polo Storico. thanks to a correct analysis, they were able to restore the automobile to its original state. Next to the Miura SVJ at the Lamborghini Retromobile booth is the Miura P400 S, made of spare parts, including the body, engine, and suspension.