The UAE is a country filled with supercars, but sadly we don’t count ourselves among the lucky folks who actually own one.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a spin behind the wheel of a full-metal stallion, and there are loads of places to rent them across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

No matter your preferred whip, you’ll find them at one of these supercar rental spots.


How will you fuel your need for speed?

Drop the clutch at SuperCar Hire Dubai
If you’re looking for somewhere to drive a supercar where you can actually push the pedal to the metal, an experience at the SuperCar Rental Dubai is a great shout. There are lots of different vehicles for you to choose from, including an Lamborghini Rental Dubai. Even if you can’t drive, you can get (almost) the same experience as a passenger.

Fire up the engine at Ferrari World
While the main reason to visit Ferrari World is undoubtedly the rollercoasters, if you can pull yourself away from the theme park you can also rent a supercar here. You’ll get to go behind the wheel of a Ferrari (duh) and zoom around the roads of Yas Island. Sounds like a lot of fun, yas?

Get behind the wheel with Exotic Car Rental Dubai.
While there’s a big debate around which country produces the best cars, Exotic Car Rental Dubai undoubtedly knows how to craft a beautiful vehicle. If you pay a visit to Exotic Car Rental Dubai, you’ll get to choose between names like Rent Lamborghini Dubai, Ferrari Rental Dubai and Rolls Royce Rental Dubai, plus lots more. You can rent some distinctly Luxury SUV Cars, too, like Porsche and Aston Martin. Some serious mileage here.

Go, go, go… with Go to
If you’re looking to book any kind of experience in Dubai, Go to CitySixt is your, well, go to. There are tonnes of experiences available for you to book, including luxury car rental Dubai, and Go to CitySixt takes the hassle out of everything. You can go all out by renting a yacht, then a hot air balloon, then a supercar, if you like. Talk about a triple threat.

Navigate the tarmac with Sports Car Hire Dubai
While the experience of driving a supercar is awesome on its own, we’re sure most people will be documenting it for the ‘gram, too. With Sports Car Hire Dubai, you can book a supercar tour up Jebel Jais mountain or around Hatta Lakes, taking your drive (and photos) up a gear.

Sample luxury with rent Lamborghini Dubai
Just want to pick a car and hit the open road without all the faff? Then Rent Lamborghini Dubai is an excellent option. There are plenty of Lamborghini cars, from Ferrari and Lamborghini to Porsche, and the standard rate covers up to 250km. That’s plenty for you to get the most out of your sweet, sweet ride.

Super charge your day with Superfast Wheel Dubai
With more than 50 supercars on offer, you’re bound to find the keys to your dream motor at Superfast Wheel Dubai. You can rent by day, or per hour, making this a great option if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. Luxury car Rental Dubai Price

Yalla! Discover a need for speed at SuperCar Rental Abu Dhabi
Another one for those with a need for speed, there are lots of experiences for you to try out at the Formula 1 circuit on Yas Island. There are drift nights and drag nights, but if you’re going all out, you can drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or try an actual F1 racing car. When are you gunna take the cheque red flag?
Abu Dhabi.