At the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 presented a unique car with the same design front and rear

Suzuki’s booth at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019 was adorned with an interesting Hanare concept car, featuring not only an absolutely symmetrical design but also an advanced turns out that the car does now not have a steerage wheel, moreover, there is no driver’s seat as such.

Suzuki Hanare 002

Suzuki Hanare has a modest size compared to the Volkswagen Transporter first or second generation. Hanare translates from Japanese as “detached cottage.”. An interior with an interesting design sofa and a huge monitor attracts attention.

Suzuki Hanare – pure show car, which in the form shown is unlikely to go into mass production through the manner, the timing of the sale of fully self-sufficient motors remains very foggy. As tests conducted by different manufacturers have shown, autopilot cars behave more or less predictably on the freeway, which cannot be said about the chaotic city traffic.

Similarly, the felony thing of liability within the event of a coincidence is a serious barrier to the start of the production of drones. so the driver’s seat will remain a critical part of the automobile, at least in the next decade.