This September, the premiere of the next generation Mercedes S-Class (W223 body) will take place in Sindelfingen. The brand development boss Jürgen Weissinger told about this .

The development of a new platform for the flagship sedan began back in 2015, and the premiere of the model was postponed several times to a later date, in particular due to the COVID-19 pandemia. The S-Class will retain three options for the distance between the axles, while the standard wheelbase will grow by 4 cm.In the engine lineup, the V12 will remain – an upgraded version of the current unit – but it will be installed only on the luxurious Mercedes-Maybach and maybe the Guard armored car.

The basis of the motor range will be six- and eight-cylinder ICEs, including as part of hybrid power plants. A full-fledged electric car S-Class will not: as we already know, this role is assigned to the EQS model.

The engineer also promised all-wheel drive for all versions, a fully-controlled chassis and a fourth-level autopilot. True, the latter can not be used immediately: at the start of sales, software will provide only the third level of autonomy according to SAE classification.