An Italian hypercar in a strange defiant appearance was seen on the streets of Japan.

The serial Lamborghini Aventador at the meeting impresses with its austere look. but the specimen seen on the roads of the land of the growing solar looks not just cool, but very shocking.

The car in a custom body kit from the Japanese workshop Liberty Walk was painted in pink colors and complemented with a black pattern decorated with rhinestones.

The unusual style of the Lamborghini supercar perfectly complements the delicate white interior, which goes well with such painting and chic gold discs made by Forgiato. And behind the discs you see brake calipers repainted to match the body.

By the way, do not think that the owner of this Lamborghini Aventador is a local glamorous blonde. In Japanese culture, pink is considered masculine and symbolizes the courage of young warriors who died in their prime.